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Birthday Parties                                   Ranger Dan provides woodland birthday parties which include a range of fun activities, the kids often can't fit it all in, there is so much to do! Birthday parties are run from Brereton Heath Nature Reserve in Congleton and cost £17 per head, they last for 3 hours (which sounds a long time but it isn't in the wood!) and parties include the following:-

    Choice of main food from:-
    • Home made pizza cooked over the fire, choice of toppings from pepperoni, ham or just plain cheese (can have selection of all if required)
    • Baked potatoes with choice of toppings from cheese, beans.
    • Crisps
    • Cakes
    • Fruit
    • Juice drinks
    • Marshmallows (toasted over the fire)
    Choice of Activities/games around the wood:-  
    • Den building
    • Woodland art
    • Bug Hunting
    • Explore the wood 
    • Outdoor and environmental games: hide & seek, capture the flag, blocky off, sardines,  man tracking, whistle game.   
    Choice of Bushcraft/fire circle activities:-  
    • Whittling/carving
    • Make bows and arrows
    • Learn fire lighting techniques
    • Make woodland crowns 
    Enjoy camp fire cooked Pizza!
    Make art with natural materials!
    Play Hide & Seek!
    Enjoy the freedom of being outdoors!
    Be whoever you want, the only limits are your imagination!

    To book a party, please email us the dates
    you have in mind to check availability of
    your chosen date! (minimum booking is
    12 children, maximum is 20)

    If you have another birthday activity in mind or to check availability/make a booking please don't hesitate to contact Ranger Dan using the ' Bookings & Contact Us
    ' page or by ringing 07765 890385.




    Contact: Ranger Dan Coates | Mobile: 07765 890385 | Email: info@rangerdan.co.uk