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About Ranger Dan

Growing up in a two up two down urban terrace, with my twin brother  Simon, was not easy. Without much space Mum told us to go out and play most days. Si was crackers about football and I just wanted to climb trees, make bows and arrows, usually out of Mum's clematis canes and go fishing. Nearly every day Simon would have grass stains on his knees and I would have a cut head from falling out of a tree or be covered in so much foul smelling muck that I'd often be thrown in the shower fully clothed!

The day that changed the course of my life forever was when I went on a school trip to Langley. Our Ranger guide for the day was Lucinda Hodges. She showed us scruffy 6 year olds the most fantastic natural wonders that I had ever seen, field mouse holes, badger tracks, butterflies and my favourite freshwater shrimps. From that day on I was going to be a Ranger, and well, after a lot of hard work I made it.

I studied at Reaseheath college, completing courses in land and environment, countryside related studies and wildlife, gamekeeping and estate management. Experience gained from my time at Reaseheath lead me to the highlands of Scotland and an assistant gamekeeper at Braco castle farms estate. During this time I learned the importance of not just managing the land but most importantly the natural balance, something which can't be gained living and growing up in an urban environment as I did. Lets face it I was never going to see many Golden Eagles, Ospreys and Grouse in sunny Macclesfield.

Now, I try to highlight this balance, a natural, primal connection to wildlife, which is much more than just something to be looked at. Children only learn properly by touching, sniffing, hearing and tasting what's around them. None of these things can be found on YouTube you have to experience them. My activities are based around this philosophy, after all it's how I got my first wild experience which planted the seed for my career.


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